About project

Explosively growing volumes of data wirelessly transmitted by smart phones, tablets and other devices require that emerging 4G/5G wireless cellular systems support (a) multiband, frequency-agile operation and (b) precise, adaptive beam shaping in coexistent dense small-cell and large-cell deployments. These systems are particularly demanding on the performance of radio frequency (RF) front-end: combining agility and adaptability with the stringent RF performance requirements of cellular systems is extremely challenging task for existing RF technologies and RF designers. To address these problems, the design philosophy and methodology undergo dramatic changes as a holistic approach must be pursued at all levels, from the basic research in the enabling technologies to prototyping novel system architectures and further to the practical realisation and cost-effective manufacture of the functional devices and systems.

To address the challenges of this paradigm shift, ARTISAN consortium will train up four early stage researchers (ESRs) with a broad set of skills and abilities enabling them to explore and develop new concepts and technologies in the context of their practical utilisation in a real-life industrial R&D. This alliance of Bell Labs and QUB High Frequency Electronics Group will provide the environment for the ESR research and industrial training.

The main goals of the research training programme include investigation, development and implementation of innovative architectures, circuit design and technological solutions for the high-performance RF front end for the next generations of wireless communications systems. The skills and expertise acquired in the course of this programme will expand the horizons of ESR training and enrich the technical capabilities of all the participants.