The modern RF technologies encompass many diverse disciplines, ranging from the system architectures and electromagnetic theory to novel materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes. To develop the necessary skill base, the ARTISAN training programme amalgamates the educational courses on the RF fundamentals and electromagnetic materials with the specialist courses covering the advanced topics, complemented by the courses on transferable skills.

The ultimate aim of ARTISAN training programme is to nurture broadly educated researchers and engineers with hands-on expertise in the R&D of modern communications systems. In the course of their training, ESRs will be exposed to both academic and industrial research at the frontiers of the wireless technologies and will have a unique opportunity to gain the first-hand experience of the innovative developments and practical design at Bell Labs. The synergy of academic and industrial training offered by ARTISAN partners will foster fellow capabilities in incepting conceptually new approaches to the system architectures, the design of novel types of functional RF devices and the development of the dedicated simulation and measurement tools. The four intrinsically linked research projects will enable ESRs to acquire broad knowledge and skills complemented by the hands-on practical experience of the specific device design.

The proposed training activities have the following main objectives:

  • equip ESRs with an in-depth understanding of the RF front-end technologies and the methodologies employed for the design of mobile communications base stations;
  • provide ESRs with transferable skills which will broaden their experience and employability;
  • promote and facilitate academy-industry co-operation and thus expedite more efficient use of the available resources for the research training capabilities.

A comprehensive training programme includes the following elements:

  • ESR enrolment in the full-time PhD study at QUB;
  • The research projects jointly guided and supervised by the QUB academic staff and the Bell Labs members of technical staff;
  • Mandatory ESR placements at Bell Labs totalling at least 50% of the ESRs time;
  • Compulsory training courses and activities required by the QUB regulations for PhD degree;
  • Complementary courses on the transferable skills;
  • Participation in the annual internal training events;
  • Attendance at external training courses, PhD schools and conferences organised in cooperation with other ITNs in the relevant technical areas;
  • The use of E-learning tools and resources.

1st ARTISAN training event took place on 27-31 January 2014 at ECIT, Belfast.

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4th ARTISAN training event and Industrial Workshop took place on 18-21 April 2016 at ECIT, Belfast.

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