Research training

The research training proposed by ARTISAN will give ESRs an unparalleled experience of state-of-the-art research at the frontiers of the RF technologies. Each ESR will be enrolled in the full-time PhD study at QUB to undertake an individual research project. While the research activities of each ESR will be primarily focused on the assigned topics, ESRs will also be involved in other relevant research activities wherever joint research efforts are beneficial. The Personal Development Plans for each ESR will detail the individual research programmes along with the common elements detailed below.

The common elements of the research training programme include the induction courses and laboratory training at both QUB and Bell Labs. Also, in order to promote research independence, each ESR will be required to perform a literature survey and give a presentation on state-of-the-art in the selected research topic at the QUB research seminars by the end of the first spell at QUB. Following these initial common activities, the advanced research training will be aligned with the needs of particular projects. It will be provided through the research supervision/mentoring and complemented by the four network-wide annual training events and external courses. The specialist training activities will be arranged for each ESR in accordance with the individual research programme.